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Norheim Ranching carries all Bale King products manufactured by Bridgeview Manufacturing.  Though we generally stock bale processors and hay rakes, we can easily access any of the Bridgeview line.  If you are looking for something specific, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Bridgeview has over 15 years of experience in bale processing technology and offers a full line of heavy duty, feature rich bale processors that make feeding and bedding livestock and reclamation projects effortless. Bale Kings will process all bales including rounds and squares, straw and silage, soft core and hard core, and twine and net-wrap bales with ease. We continuously strive to produce the most capable and long lasting processors on the market.


Every Bale King processor is designed by farmers with farmers in mind. The simple and rugged 5200 model is built on more than two decades of field experience.

  • Carries two 6′ round bales at once.
  • Built to survive years of hard use – designed to power through harsh winters.
  • Big flotation tires handle the mud in spring.
  • Patented  X-Rotor makes twine removal a breeze.
  • X-Rotor features heavy-duty 3/4″ thick welded flails and can throw straw up to 60 feet!


Cover more ground in less time with the Bale King VR581 Wheel Rake by Bridgeview!

The 581 handles large volumes of hay at high speed. It’s large 62″ diameter wheels–bigger than most on the market–and patented wheel spring design ensure smooth travel and more complete accumulation of cut material.

Bridgeview’s heavy-duty design is based on thick-walled 5″ X 5″ structural tubing, wrap-around caster wheels, and stronger pivot points for a long lasting, low maintenance, and reliable raking solution.


  • All Bale King VR-series rakes feature 62” diameter rake wheels: 15% larger than the industry standard of 55”.
  • 48 tines per wheel: 20% more than the industry standard of 40. 
  • Bridgeview’s patented rake wheel spring is a long-lasting, zero-maintenance system which provides exceptionally smooth rake wheel flotation. Bale King rake wheels float gently across the ground and can tolerate uneven terrain.
  • Compared to most rakes on the market, Bale King rakes feature heavier main frame construction.
  • Road transport mode combines safety with ease-of-use with a narrow profile and a clear line of sight from the cab to the wheels. Transport width for all models is only 10’6″.

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