7-l calf chute

150s Calf Chute

  • The 7-L 150s Calf Chute will increase your profits, save you time, and make handling safer for you and your calves.
  • Properly dehorned calves bring higher prices at sale time.
  • The 7-L 150s Calf Chute humanely and safely restrains calves from newborn to 200lbs for easy, 1-person dehorning by any method.
  • With gentle restraint, tagging and tattooing is easy.
  • Avoid discounts on selling prices for improperly castrated, stagy calves.
  • The unique tailgate design allows for easy access for quick castrating.
  • The 7-L Calf Chute provides accurate birth weights with an easy to use, self-weighing system.
  • A simple push on the scale lever provides accurate weight on a large easy to read dial scale.
  • Weighing range is 0-150 lbs.
  • The 7-L Calf Chute may also be used to transport calves safely.
  • The chute is carried by 2 large tires that are adjustable in width and height for any terrain.

7-L Calf Chute

m350 Calf Chute

  • The 7-L m350 Calf Chute allows you to easily and efficiently process newborn to 4 month old (350 lb) calves with little stress to you and your calves.
  • The transport wheels can be removed for normal operation. The calf chute is easily attached to your corral or handling system.
  • Side squeeze securely holds the calf in place and the wide open top provides clear access for easy inoculation.
  • The side swings open to give you access for branding. The squeeze and opening door may be quickly changed from side to side.
  • The headgate has 2 height positions to accomodate small and large calves. With proper restraint, tagging and dehorning is faster with less stress to the calf.
  • The tailgate lifts and holds so the calf cannot kick, move, or fall down. This provides clear access for castrating.
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