Patriot Grain/Pellet Feeders for Truck Mount or UTV Mount

1000 lb & 250 lb Grain Feeders

Patriot Grain Feeders or Pellet Feeders are designed to dispense grain or pellets in lines or piles for your livestock. Grain Feeders are available to mount on a truck bed or a UTV for easy grain or pellet feeding. The Patriot Grain box has a 6 inch auger with a durable steel chute and an automatic trip door for easy feeding. Using the remote start allows for the user to feed out of the grain box with little effort or the feeder door can be locked open.

Heavy Duty Grain Feeders

  • The truck mount grain feeder fits easily on a truck deck and works well with a bale deck. It holds 1000lbs and has a 29.39 cu. ft capacity
  • The UTV grain feeder fits easily in the back of a UTV. It holds 250 lbs and has a 14.22 cu. ft. capacity
  • The Patriot Grain/Pellet Feeders feature:
  • 6″ Auger
  • Remote Start
  • Durable Steel Chute
  • Automatic Trip Door
  • Door Can Be Locked Open For Continuous Flow
  • Optional scale is available

Patriot Equipment makes heavy duty cattle feeding equipment.

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