Concrete Livestock Waterer

johnson concrete waterers

Built with features to last, these dependable cattle waterers withstand punishing weather and prove to be some of the most dependable livestock waterers available, year after year. We think Johnson Waterers are the best livestock tanks available, and customers agree. If you are looking for the best waterer tanks, best livestock waterer service, and best replacement parts for your cattle waterer, Johnson Concrete Waterers are what you need. 


Johnson Concrete livestock waterers are also known as concrete tanks, constant flow tanks, and cattle waterers. The durable tanks can be manufactured with different options, including stainless steel troughs, and  have an entire line of constant flow models. Norheim Ranching also caries all types of Johnson Concrete repair and replacement waterer parts, such as brass valves, floats, mini sweeps, constant flow valves, heating elements, and any other waterer parts that have reached end of life.

While the livestock waterers are primarily cattle waterers, the water troughs are also used as sheep waterers, game tanks, deer tanks, dairy waterers, and more. Johnson also offers a horse waterer model specifically designed as a horse tank.

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After a week of -35 C with windchill’s up to -48 C, I haven’t touched a single waterer

Kyle Schlamp

Schlamp Cattle Co.

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