Leasing options available on all steel products

Continuous Fence

You will never waste your time with wooden plank fence again. 
Continuous fence is one of our top selling products, and our customers keep coming back for more.
Each continuous fence panel is 20 ft long with 6 bars of 1.25″ or 1.66″ round steel pipe. It is attached to stationary posts with c-clamps and connects to itself with metal pipe inserts.  You will be amazed at how fast it is to install and how good it looks when you are done. 

Freestanding Panels

24 ft freestanding panels made out of drill stem and sucker rod. Sucker rod is mounted through center supports for added strength and durability. Panels chain together to create whatever configuration is needed. Option to have gates mounted to panels is available

Avoid the maintenance of wood by going to steel. 24 ft freestanding windbreaks made out of drill stem and galvanized steel. Extra wide feet help to keep panels upright. Panels chain together to create whatever configuration is needed

Steel Gates

Norheim Ranching carries a wide variety of 6 bar heavy duty gates. 

  • Gate sizes from 4 ft to 18 ft
  • Threaded Rod Hinges
  • Weld On Hinges

Waterbowl Panels

Water bowl panels are easy to use and easy to move. They are built out of drill stem and designed to straddle most sizes of water bowls. They have feet so they work with both freestanding panels or in a more permanent fenceline

12 ft panels available in 3 different openings to fit most waterbowls.