Take the work out of putting up hay


Vermeer is still known best in the agriculture industry for its innovative round balers. Though the design has evolved over the years to take advantage of new technologies, Vermeer’s rugged and reliable classic round balers are still a top choice for farmers all across the nation

Vermeer 605N Baler

Take the Work Out of Putting Up Hay

The 605N balers feature a pickup that automatically disengages when desired bale size is reached, an optional auto-lube greasing system that can be controlled through the E-Link Pro display and an automatic dual-stage belt tightening system that offers increased starting speeds. These are just a few of the features that work together to help you run more smoothly and more efficiently. Vermeer 606N balers are available at Norheim Ranching

Vermeer 605N at Norheim Ranching

Like all Vermeer products, the 605N Vermeer balers are built to last. With a sleek design, these balers may look different, but what hasn’t changed is the high-performance and reliability they have to offer. Boasting durable, heavy-duty components and the ability to perform at a high capacity, the 605N Vermeer baler is built tough keep you rolling
Reduce Waste for Your Herd


Vermeer bale processors help you make the best use of your bales with the least amount of labor, and give you the versatility you need to process round bales or large square bales with an optional kit

Each processor quickly unrolls bales into windrows that give all the cattle equal feeding room. As the bales are processed, dust and mold are blown away and the hay is aerated, becoming more palatable for your herd. Reclaim and protect seeding areas by mulching straw and spreading it up to 40′ (12.19 m) away

Vermeer BPX9010


The BPX9010 Bale Processor at Norheim Ranching is your herd-feeding workhorse. The BPX9010 brings simplicity, durability and versatility to your ranch


This workhorse combines simplicity, durability and versatility — an all-around processor ready to perform a variety of applications. Distribute a consistent, uniform windrow of crop along the bunk line or out in the pasture. Or spread bedding with consistency and accuracy at ranges up to 50 ft (15.2 m). The BPX9010 bale processor simplifies the process of processing bales

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