Norheim Ranching Wholesale Division

Norheim Ranching has been selling forage plastics for over 10 years. Our experience with both the sales and use of the product has allowed us to develop a wholesale line that you can be confident in. We understand what you need for your customers and we are committed to supplying high quality products that add value to the producer’s operation.


Wholesale Requirements

Norheim Ranching Wholesale Division is here to cater to large order customers such as retail operations.
Single orders of 4 pallets or more can be handled through Wholesale. For questions or more information, contact Jesse Kripki at 1-306-229-3335

Round Bale Net Wrap

Round Bale Net Wrap

Premium Bale Net Wrap

  • Unique extrusion and knitting technology
  • High UV stabilized and antistatic treated
  • End-of-roll warning system
  • Pallet cradles for security and easy storage
  • Total cover technology for complete bale coverage 
  • Compatible with all round balers

Quality Wrap for Quality Bales

Premium, European made Net Wrap for consistent and durable bales every time

Silage Film

Premium Silage Film

  • Co-extruded, multi-layer film
  • Ideal for high performance wrapping
  • UV Stabilized
  • High elongation at break that minimizes breakings and tearing during pre-stretch process
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent adhensive strength
  • Good opacity and color density offer best protection from sunlight

Quality Wrap for Quality Bales

Exclusive extrusion and winding system for prmium European made silage film

Silage Covers

We carry Silage Covers, and lots of them! All listed stock available in 5 mil. 
6 mil silage plastic is available on select sizes
  • 50×100
  • 60X100
  • 60×200 (also available in 6 mil)
  • 60×1000 (also available in 6 mil)
  • 80×250 (also available in 6 mil)
  • 80×500 (also available in 6 mil)
  • 80×1000
  • 120×250
  • 120×500
  • 160X250
  • 7 Layer smart structure technology
  • Increased tear resistance
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Sunlight blocking
  • Optimized thickness for less waste
  • Excellent anti-slumping characteristics

For Wholesale Information

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