The most versatile portable corral system

Built with the highest quality of materials and unmatched craftsmanship you come to expect from Linn Post & Pipe Supply. No Other corral is as versatile as the Wrangler Portable Corral and has as many features designed to make your operation work faster and safer than ever before.

Wrangler Portable Corral

No Lifting, No Levers, No Cables

  • Solid tires
  • Works on uneven terrain
  • Panel support braces
  • Drive thru frame
  • Reinforced hydraulic cylinders
  • Animal access doors
  • Built in palpation door
  • 2 position axle
  • Man pass gates
  • Tail lights
  • Solar charging panel
  • 2 bow gates

50 pairs or 80 cows

80 pairs or 150 cows

135 pairs or 250 cows

Options Available

  • Bumper hitch
  • Gooseneck hitch
  • Head gate attachment
  • Light duty rear tow hitch
  • Spare tire

The corral is raised and lowered with an electric over hydraulic power unit, powered by a deep cycle battery, and continually charged with a solar power unit

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